Welding positioners are machines that can be change the position of work piece on the welding positioner table and to ensure smooth rotation of the work piece at certain required speed. So welding postitioner normally means a table rotates workpiece at certain rotation speed, and two tilts the work piece at certain degree.
The rotation structure of the welding positioners is driven by the DC motor, while stepless speed regulation can be achieved. The turning structure of worm and gear in the welding positioners has the function of self-lock, and the worktable can be turned sleeplessly between 0-90/0-120 degree. special design of anti-electromagnetic of the welding positioners, which reduces the high frequency interference of TIG’s welding, and can improve the welding quality effectively. A self-controller can be furnished to control the working condition and working time, which can achieve the linkage of the positioner and welder