A pipe notching machine is used to prepare tube joints for the welding process. It is a specific procedure done on pipes and tubular square or rectangular tubes in any metallic material, generally iron and steel. Notching is a shearing-related metalworking operation in which undesired material is selectively cut from the outer edges of a workpiece using a punch press. After the workpiece is fixed in place, the punch press uses a cutting tool to remove the undesirable material from the workpiece’s outside edges. As a result, the workpiece is smaller and has a different shape.

Features of Pipe Notching Machine

  1. User friendly
  2. No need to use cutting oil
  3. Higher resistance to corrosion
  4. Higher precision rates
  5. Longer machine lifespan
  6. Less maintenance costs
  7. Professional design
  8. Less metal wastage
  9. Applicable across metals, and industries.

Applications of the Pipe Notching Machine

  • Excellent for Coping round tubes or pipes together handrails
  • Extensively used in companies that manufacture furniture, metal gates, electrical appliances
  • Gymnasium equipment, hospital equipment, petrochemical plants.

Types of Grinding Machines and Their Features

Belt Grinder Highspeed 75 D and 150 D

The MetalWolff High-speed 75-D belt grinder is a high-speed, revolutionary belt grinder. (45 miles per hour). The width of the belt is 75 mm. The Metal Wolff  High-speed 150-D belt grinder is a high-speed, revolutionary belt grinder. The belt is 150 mm wide. Adjusting or changing the belt and working height is very easy and takes only a few seconds. Because this belt grinder is a high-speed machine, it will grind much more quickly.


  • Double speed motor
  • Rapid belt changing system
  • Vibration-free operation.
  • Adjustable working height
  • Incl. dust collection box.
  • Incl. grinding belt 75×2000 mm for Highspeed 75 D and Incl. grinding belt 150 x 2000 mm for Highspeed 150 D
  • Top table for flat grinding + deburring

Pipe Grinder 100 Triple Grind

The grinding machine for pipes Metal Wolff 100 Triple Grind is a multipurpose, revolutionary machine. A pipe notcher is located on the front side, a deburring table is located on the top, and a belt grinder is located on the backside. It only takes a few seconds to switch from pipe notcher to belt grinder! Furthermore, the powerful clamping mechanism increases the accuracy and successful results of the finished product.


  • Angle pipe notcher 30°-90° (0°-60°)
  • Grinding roller 42,4mm standard.
  • Grinding belt 100 x 2000 mm.
  • Dust extraction optional.

Types of Notching Processes  

There are multiple different notching methods, each of which removes material from the outer edges of a workpiece using a different mechanism. For example, pipe notching is used to remove extra and undesirable material from hollow metal workpieces, whereas end notching is used to remove material from one or both ends of a hollow metal workpiece. There’s also side notching, which removes superfluous material from a tube’s side to allow it to be twisted and distorted further.  

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Uses of Pipe Notching Machine  

Bike frames, tables with tube stands, building construction, automotive (seat frames, stabilizers, exhaust), cycle, motorcycle frames, irrigation systems, boiler tubes, material handling equipment, and refrigeration pipes are all common uses for notching machines.   

Rockwood machinery provides high-quality pipe notching machines in UAE. Our machines are known for their high efficiency, long service life, ease of operation, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance costs, higher rates of profile matching with various tubes and notches, quality, and long-term performance. There are many different types of high-quality standard notching machines on the market, including pipe and tube notching machines, hydraulic notching machines, and standard notching machines.   

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