Hand Crank Pipe Cutting Machine:

This manually operated portable oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine uses a chain and gear drive system. The drive chain is comprised of durable, interlocking links that can be easily beaded or removed for quick change of pipe diameters. The features and benefits would include oxy-fuel pipe cutter, manually operated, interlocking chain links, light weight, worm gear drive and optional snap valve.

Motorized Chain Pipe Cutting Machine:

The machine is a remote control gas motorized pipe cutting unit and it is easy to change the length of the chain for various size pipes.

Features & Benefits:
  • Cutting can be done in clockwise/ anti-clockwise direction from both sides of the machine
  • Machine can bevel up to 45º by selecting the required angle on the torch holder
  • Torch can be adjusted vertically and horizontally alongside the pipe surface by rack & pinion attachments
  • Model Autopipe-p can also be used to cut stainless steel and other non-ferrous pipes