Markator is world leader in sales, research and development in marking machines with 25 years’ of experience in the marking machines industry. There are different types of marking machines such as Fly marker, MV 5 and Table Tops.

Fly marker XL Mobil A 100% mobile and compact handheld marking system. It offers point by point marking of almost all materials. Mobile marking system which works cable free, without compressed air and Electric power provides markings with high quality. This practical hand-held unit operates with a long lasting rechargeable battery.

MV5 The MV5 comes with a separate central control unit which is connected to a hand held marker or a table mounted marking unit. The software of the central control unit is 100% operator friendly and prompting, clearly presented and well structured. Ideal for marking of heavy, bulky objects, you take the machine to the job and not job to the machine. The marking system is equipped with a maintenance free dot peen marking head and a shock-resistant full carbide marking pin which can be resharpened. These machine models are highly recommended for application involving deeper marking. The marking area varies to 75x25mm to 200 x 100 mm.