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Rockwood International, is a renowned supplier of machines for the steel fabrication industry. Rockwood's operations cover the entire Middle East region, East Africa and India.


Our customers constantly remind us that in an industry where time is money, we must work tirelessly to reduce production time while constantly increasing the quality of the product delivered. At Rockwood we are dedicated to constantly delivering products and services that contribute to continuous production efficiency improvements for our customers.


The human factor: Every year steel fabricators in the expend millions of manual man-hours in the production process. Manual production techniques are slower, error prone and extremely dependent upon the skill set of the worker. In a high volume production environment, this leaves the steel fabricator open to irregular production times and costly errors. Rockwood works with our fabricator clients to provide them automation solutions that are fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable.


In a post financial crisis world, our fabricator clients are constantly on the search for economical automation solutions for their production. Gone are the days of over-engineering and one size fits all solutions. Rockwood's engineering team works with our clients to tailor the most economical solutions for their specific production needs.